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Senior accountant

Professional tasks:


  • Independent and comprehensive accounting of portfolio companies, where you can involve accounting colleagues in the easier tasks, while you can perform the more complex tasks

  • Creation of management reports and other business data services that give a glimpse into the business world beyond accounting

  • Participation in the design and operation of controlling systems, where you can transfer your knowledge gained in accounting to a related, yet different, area

  • In addition to submitting regular tax returns, participation in handling tax issues, preparing tax advice, and analyzing complex tax issues

  • Active communication with colleagues, clients and the venture capital fund (Hungarian, English)

  • Participation in software implementation and process development projects, where you can increase your technological knowledge


Job requirements:

  • Knowledge of Hungarian Accounting and Tax regulations is essential

  • Excel knowledge, technological orientation

  • Your ability to communicate in spoken and written English

  • Demand for continuous development, openness to innovative solutions

  • Intention to perform precise, conscientious work

  • Good problem-solving skills, flexible, enthusiastic and motivated attitude

  • Your team player and customer-oriented attitude


It is an advantage to fill the position:

  • Higher degree in economics

  • Certified public/ IFRS accountant registration

  • Experience gained in an international corporate environment

  • Tax consultant qualification, tax experience

  • Knowledge of IFRS

  • 3 - 5 years of professional experience

What we offer:

  • We provide flexible work, we offer unlimited home office options, but we also welcome you in our inspiring, modern office

  • We help your career to gain a new impetus, we provide the opportunity for continuous development and the space for learning, as well as personalized challenges, which you have the opportunity to cope with with professional support.

  • We support you to further your education, and we also ensure the acquisition of appropriate experiential knowledge

  • We believe in innovative solutions and keep up with technological development, we use the market-leading Business Central as our accounting software

  • We work with international companies, so you can get a taste of accounting based on IFRS or US GAAP, and you can also try your hand at consolidation

  • Our compensation system guarantees that you feel important and appreciated while doing value-creating work

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